We are a new valuable service but what about....?

We realize our service is a new concept to most of our customers.  This is a platform to answer any questions our customers might have about what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and what Blue Canary is...

How do I set up an inspection?


The most efficient way to set up an inspection is to click on 'request an inspection' on our website and fill out the request form.  With that information we will respond to you with anything else we need and we will take over from there.

Why should I trust Blue Canary?


We have taken every measure to build trust into the customer experience. For instance the inspector that goes out to the repair shop to carry out the inspection is not involved in the final board review and compilation of your report.  We do this to keep our process truly unbiased and third party. We also check multiple sources for all of our information, everything from experts in the specific area of concern to web based information houses to be sure that we are providing our customers with the highest quality inspection possible.

How much does an inspection cost?


For most vehicles our standard price is $99. That includes an inspector coming out to the inspection site and you getting our full detailed report within 24 hours of approval. There is a premium option that covers you for a years worth of inspection service for $149. We do have startup pricing specials and different rates for companies so your exact price will be included in our initial response e-mail.

Will you diagnose my vehicle?


We like to keep it simple: we are an inspection service that exists to build confidence into our customers repair experience. Our ability to carry out inspections inside other shops depends on our good standing with them and no fear of competition from us. We will give our well researched, expert opinion on the diagnosis from the other shop and prove or disprove their diagnosis, we may even help guide them into the proper direction. 

Do you have any preferred shops?


Our ability to go into any shop and provide our service is reliant on the fact that we are not a threat to that shop but rather an information source for our customers.  If we started to recommend our customers to certain shops or showed a preference towards certain places our ability to perform our service would be compromised.

Does my vehicle have to come home first?


No! We prefer to go directly into the repair shop that your vehicle is already in. By going directly to the shop we can speak with the technician and gather all of the information we need in the proper environment. Vehicles are much easier to inspect when on a hoist and information is best gathered from the source.

Do you own a Blue Canary?


We wish! If you find one we would gladly take it off your hands ;)