The value of a second opinion

Why would I pay to have my vehicle checked again if I am already paying the shop?

The answer is the value of a second opinion. Most people are accustomed to getting second opinions on a medical diagnosis or a home repair, but not on the repair of their vehicle. This is strange to consider because most people also report that auto repair is where they feel they get ripped off the most. If you Google auto repair rip-off these days there are news reports about once a month on the issue in cities around the country.

Let’s consider an example. Say a plumber comes to your house to fix a faucet that will not get hot. The quote from this plumber involves replacing your water heater, performing a line treatment, and replacing your faucet at the cost of $2,500. As the homeowner you get the unwelcome feeling this guy is surely upselling a bunch of extra work so you call another plumber to obtain a second opinion. Now this plumber that is coming in for the second opinion knows if he gives you a better deal, not only is he getting to perform the repair but he will also gain a loyal customer. So, plumber number two agrees to repair the faulty faucet rather than replacing it at a cost of $140. In the end you, the homeowner, just got a screaming deal and your home was spared costly and bogusly unnecessary repairs.

The car repair industry is no different than that very situation. We see time and time again where a shop is over processing a vehicle at great expense to the customer, just to reach some unrealistic number management has put on invoices. All too often in shops you end up with under experienced employees recommending what they know, not what your vehicle needs. This is where we step in.

For example this is an image from a customer whose vehicle was diagnosed as being in need of a tune-up and coil. These items were replaced and nothing changed so the shop then stated that the head gasket needed to be replaced, at this point we were contacted. Upon our inspection we found the vehicle dropped a valve seat into the cylinder, the engine was in need of replacement. Our customer was not interested in putting this much money into the vehicle so they traded it in on a new car. This customer was going to have the cylinder head job done but would have just wasted money because the problem would not have been fixed and the shop would still want money for the attempted repair.

Second opinions can be extremely valuable to you and no one seems to think that you can do this with your vehicle, the fact is you can. A vehicle is your valuable property and during the repair process you have every right to do what you want with it even while in another shop’s possession. This process is nothing new for shops that perform warranty work for major warranty companies as all warranty companies send inspectors to approve repairs for the same reason, value.

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